Website Audience Tracking

Website visitors tracking using google analytics

Track your website visitors, know how many new visitors come to your site each day, find out which pages are mostly visited, check your clients weekly and monthly visiting rates.

It is a free feature launched with each website we develop. Using Google Analytics, you will have detailed reports:

Acquisition Reporting

Understand user acquisition across mobile and desktop with detailed advertising, campaign, and traffic source reports in Google Analytics.

Audience Reporting

Focus on your audience: demographics, interests, language and location, industry benchmarks, as well as what devices and operating systems are being used. Or use any of Google Analytics 200+ dimensions and metrics to define you own audiences in the way that makes sense for your business.

Benchmarking Reports

Compare your data with aggregated industry data from other companies with benchmarking reports. Get valuable context, gain insight into trends occurring across your industry, and find out how you are doing compared to your competition.

Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis gives you insight into user retention and value, so you can focus on earning more high-value, loyal customers.

Conversion Reporting

Measure your sales, downloads, video plays, conversions, or define your own business goals. Tailor your reporting to suit what you want to achieve and find the visitor actions most likely to help you meet your objectives.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports can be built in minutes, and they’re easy to share with colleagues. So you can all have instant access to the metrics that really count for your business. In addition, dashboards can give you a summary of many reports on a single page using drag-and-drop widgets for fast, easy customization.

Ecommerce Reporting

Use Ecommerce reporting to understand customer behavior, improve online merchandising, and drive revenue. Gain insight into the customer's path to purchase, visitor interest in your products, and the performance of your shopping campaigns. You can also view Enhanced Ecommerce reports to identify segments of customers who added items to the cart, but never completed the purchase.

Mobile App Reporting

Get all the power of Google Analytics reporting — specialized just for apps. App profiles give you access to app-specific metrics, dimensions, and features collectively designed to help you understand user acquisition, behavior, and conversion. Screen views, sessions, app version, and screen size are just a few of the app-specific concepts you’ll find in Google Analytics for Mobile Apps along with built-in crash and exception reporting to help you build a better user experience.