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Most search engines optimization companies will promise you the heavens and deliver nothing at the end of the day. While many organizations fail to deliver, when it comes to SEO, MouradTech stands apart with its proven track record. We offer affordable search engine optimization services that deliver you tangible results.

The secret is our multi-pronged strategy where we employ unique strategies for local businesses and international businesses that are entirely different from each other. We provide you high quality links where our focus mainly remains on editorial links from highly credible and authoritative websites. This increases your chances to rank on page 1 by search engines such as Google and Bing. We work on outreach strategy through the use of unique and engaging content to show you in good light.

MouradTech, The best SEO consultant you can get

  • Lifting Google Penguin/Panda penalties.
  • Performs a goal-oriented link audit.
  • Improves website link profile by removing bad neighbors.
  • Creation of detailed strength and weakness analysis of your website.
  • Places listed in Google, Bing and Facebook.
  • Account creation-Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Merchant Centre, and Google Webmasters.
SEO Consultant
SEO Consultant

Our SEO process includes

  • Market research for your business to see what keywords your customers are searching.
  • Keyword research and analysis on those keywords to find which can be ranked for easiest.
  • Full SEO implementation on every page of your site.
  • A link-building strategy that is spam-free and provides only quality links from real sites in your industry.
  • Combining social media to provide important "social links" that search engines now require.

Search Engine Optimization Services Don’t Get Better than This

These are just some of the crucial tasks that we do for you. The result is increased traffic to your website with minimum bounce rate. We achieve this by engaging your online traffic through means such as videos, info-graphics, hard-hitting unique content and other strategies. This ultimately leads to greater number of conversions as you are able to introduce your products and services effectively to your clients. We are among those website optimization companies that truly make a difference to your E-commerce websites through innovative online marketing techniques. This is perhaps the reason why we are a top SEO company in USA and around the world today. With our affordable search engine optimization services, your E-commerce sites are sure to witness a lot of conversions. We are just an e-mail away from you. Contact us today to get the best SEO services you can ever find on the Internet.

Website SEO Audit

We can evaluate your website threadbare to plug all the SEO loopholes. From content related issues to your backlink profile and loading speed, we tell you in black and white where your website stand in terms of optimization and ranking prospects.


Be it a local business or a global enterprise, our well-endorsed SEO services can be the right answer to all your optimization needs. Starting from the basics to the advanced, we leave no stones unturned to achieve great ranking for your website.

SEO Cleanup

Lost your ranking due to a Google penalty or algorithm change? Website not loading fast? Bounce rate touching the roof? Our SEO cleaning up service is for websites that has gone through a dip in ranking and wants to bounce back.

Conversion Optimization

Have great ranking but fewer conversions? From reworking your Meta titles and descriptions to redesigning your landing pages, A/B testing and analytics consulting, we can work on all factors that can improve your conversion rates tremendously.