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Whether your company is launching its first ecommerce website or already has an established online ecommerce presence, the goals are the same: to meet your customer needs and grow your business. Succeeding in a competitive environment depends on customizing an approach and leveraging the latest technologies to seamlessly convert casual browsers into loyal customers. From the spanning architecture to functional navigation, MouradTech digs deep to enhance every touch point, develop your connection with customers and realize your business potential.

E-Commerce is a crucial part of business in today’s marketplace and possibly the most valuable presence that a company can have on the Internet. As a mesh of ages-old business practices and modern technology, it is one of the fastest-growing and most competitive arenas that there is. Each day, more retailers and business owners move their businesses online, as they want to operate their store-fronts 24/7/365.

Each year, new records are set for ecommerce online spending. The growth of this industry allows businesses to expand their reach into different geographical markets while offering existing customers a convenient way to shop for goods and services from their ecommerce websites at home. At MouradTech, we understand how important this online ecommerce solutions can be.

By choosing MouradTech, you can guarantee that you will have an online ecommerce storefront that really works. In this highly dynamic industry, it is important to choose the right platform to host your ecommerce initiatives, which is why we are proud to announce that our platform of choice is Magento.

Magento’s exceptional quality, in addition to their expansive development network, has quickly made it a leader in the ecommerce industry. As an open-source platform, custom development is no problem and you can count on our programming professionals to bring your ideas to life. Magento is also an industry leader when it comes to specialized SEO features.


Magento is world renowned as one of the best e-commerce solutions on the market, providing unlimited room for growth. With this complex system, it is important to have the right partner for development and ongoing support. MouradTech’s Magento Certified team allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a completely custom online store, with little effort on your part. When you partner with MouradTech’s Magento development team, you partner with an industry leader, driven by your success.

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Product Catalog

A well-developed ecommerce website product catalog is important to the success of your business. Our custom catalogs are flexible enough to accommodate multilevel product categories, customizable product layouts and the option to add new products as your business grows. We can also implement a tier-based pricing function, which increases your agility to incentivize your best customers to buy from you again.

Third party shopping cart integrations

We integrate your shopping cart with many third party applications to automate your shipping rates and compute sales tax to speed your customers through checkout. What's more, email links to abandoned shopping carts help you recover lost sales.


We integrate best-in-breed warehouse management systems like MAS 200, Microsoft Nav, StoneEdge and Quickbooks to improve your finance management, automated order fulfillment and customer service and incorporate stovepipe systems that help you satisfy diverse customer demands.